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What We Do

What We Do

It's all about technology

Elite’s mission is to use our technological expertise to make your professional life easier and more productive. As the business world makes increasing use of technology, successfully integrating it into your business is critical to remain competitive.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers and workstations
  • Firewall configuration, remote office connectivity and VPN services
  • Backup strategy and Disaster Recovery
  • Virus, Spyware, and Adware detection and prevention
  • Data recovery services
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of CCTV systems
  • Website maintenance and creation
  • Facebook maintenance and creation
  • Application development
  • System research and consulting services
  • Any other computer support needs that a client requests

We work with each client individually to determine what services their needs and schedule.